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TEST – Welcome to Rose Pharma

At Rose Pharma, we empower you to embrace your unique beauty and express your true self. Founded in 2011 in Switzerland, our mission is to provide Swiss-quality Zhoabex fillers that redefine aesthetic practices and enhance patient experiences.

Our commitment to Innovation and Quality

As a boutique value-added partner in the aesthetic field, we are committed to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our fillers are crafted in Europe’s leading dermo-esthetical research centers, achieving a remarkable safety record with only 0.0021% incidence of adverse events.


Targeting deeper lines and folds, Zhoabex DEEP restores volume and smoothes skin.


Ideal for fine lines and subtle enhancements, Zhoabex SOFT TOUCH provides a natural, soft finish.


Crafted for the delicate lip area, Zhoabex LIPS offers precise volume and contour.


Specially formulated for defining and sculpting facial contours, Zhoabex LIGHT LINES achieves dramatic, yet natural-looking results.


Zhoabex VOLUME is specially developed for deep restoration, perfect for enhancing volume in areas like cheeks and jawline.

For practitioners and distributors

Rose Pharma is more than just a filler supplier; we are your partner in growth. We provide extensive training, support, and flexible order processes to help you and your patients achieve the best outcomes.

Contact information

Via di San Gottardo 10 – 6900 Lugano CH
Phone: +4191 921 09 03

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