Hyaluronic Acid


Natural hyaluronic acid is produced by our bodies: it enriches the skin with some of its fundamental functions.
Hyaluronic acid molecules perform the function of maintaining the ideal degree of hydration, turgidity and plasticity within various human tissues, such as skin, cartilage and connective tissue.

They are able to absorb and hold many water molecules inside them, which results in the following physiological functions:

• Natural hyaluronic acid structuring function
• Natural hyaluronic acid moisturising function
• Natural hyaluronic acid shockproof function
• Natural hyaluronic acid lubricating function
• Natural hyaluronic acid defence function
• Natural hyaluronic acid prevention of cell damage due to physical stress
• Natural hyaluronic acid maintains the shape and tone of the tissues.

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Cosmetic Research

The production of natural hyaluronic acid in our organism undergoes a physiological decline: the visible aspects of this decrease in natural hyaluronic acid level can be seen on the skin, which begins to show wrinkles, sagging, folds and loss of volume.

Cosmetic research has made it possible to produce hyaluronic acid through bacterial bio-fermentation: this synthetic hyaluronic acid can replace some of the functions of natural hyaluronic acid, as well as bring additional cosmetic, structural and medical benefits.

The use of cosmetic and aesthetic products based on this synthetic hyaluronic acid improves the superficial layers of the skin, giving a smoother appearance.

To remedy the progressive loss of volume, it is possible to resort to a deeper treatment, with the use of injectable dermal fillers.

Hyaluronic acid injectable fillers can intervene to restore volume and firmness, to sculpt lines and to get smooth and naturally young-looking skin: they provide support that gives a natural result through a gentle procedure.

Hyaluronic acid also intervenes where there are more serious problems: trauma, scars, pathological deficiencies in volume, decreased performance of the joints, as well as medical conditions that can benefit from the properties of synthetic hyaluronic acid.

Synthetic Hyaluronic Acid

The application of synthetic hyaluronic acid is a minimally invasive treatment: micro-boles are placed under the skin and distributed along the ideal lines of the face, to give a sculpting effect of the contours and a targeted increase in volume.

The tissues in the injection area are lifted and plumped, restoring an aesthetically appreciable tension to the general appearance of the surrounding areas.
To obtain a natural and elegant result, while helping minimize the patient’s discomfort, the research has developed very thin needles.

We have developed several injectable hyaluronic acid formulas, so that they can be adapted to different uses, with a continuous expansion of the range of products: from fillers for restoring natural hyaluronic acid, up to fillers dedicated to more structural treatments.

Lip fillers, for example, are formulated to keep the tissue soft but plumped, while the cheekbone lift has a formula suitable for stronger solidity and resistance, and so on for the many treatments required.

In this field, it is essential to be a well-informed doctor with superior training, expert in facial anatomy and aesthetic medicine, sensitive to cutomers’ requests, with proven experience using the most suitable fillers.

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