Injectable Hyaluronic Acid

Dermal fillers

When we talk about injectable hyaluronic acid fillers we refer to a wide category of products that meet the most diverse aesthetic, medical and functional needs.

Injectable hyaluronic acid fillers for aesthetic needs are among the most famous non-surgical solutions to the problems of skin ageing.

The molecules of injectable hyaluronic acid fillers can have very different characteristics and lead to specific results for various needs.

Injectable hyaluronic acid

As professionals in the treatment with injectable hyaluronic acid fillers for medical and aesthetic purposes, we have developed a range of products that allows the physicians to tailor personal solutions to specific facial areas and individual needs:

Injectable hyaluronic acid fillers Zhoabex VOLUME

Injectable hyaluronic acid fillers Zhoabex LIPS

Injectable hyaluronic acid fillers Zhoabex DEEP

Discover the unique characteristics of our dermal fillers!

Zhoabex VOLUME

Our ideal nasolabial folds filler.

Zohabex VOLUME

Zhoabex DEEP

For the most common facial imperfections.

Zohabex DEEP

Zhoabex LIPS

Designed for pulpy, glossy and naturally looking lips.

Zohabex LIPS

Anti-Ageing Package

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