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Our hyaluronic acid based products are designed to meet the full range of beauty needs of the face.

Our line of hyaluronic acid products includes:

• Zhoabex fillers: hyaluronic acid products for professional use;

• Zhoabex pre and post-treatments: hyaluronic acid products can help to improve the effect of our dermal fillers:

• Zhoabex anti wrinkles gel: hyaluronic acid products can help maximize the effect of the entire treatment.


Our injectable hyaluronic acid fillers are premium products with different specific features.

An injectable hyaluronic acid filler for aesthetic medical use is a non-surgical solution to the main problems of loss of volume, elasticity and smoothness of the face.

Rose Pharma has developed first-line products for the most common needs of facial skin ageing: decrease in the physiological volume of specific areas of the face, desire to plump the lips and define mouth contour, need to smooth the sagging lines of the face.

Medical use of injectable hyaluronic acid ranges from aesthetic to functional needs, and for this reason Rose Pharma’s research continually updates its proposal of premium products for body care and beauty.

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Antiaging package

Dermal filler before and after: our 360° approach.

Our recommendation is to include our pre and post-treatments.

The function of the filler is mainly mechanical and moisturising: adding volume using a compound with moisturising properties makes the skin smooth, plumps the tissues, lifts expression and defines the contour.

The use of our pre- and post-treatments can help make the procedure more pleasant for the patient and can help to improve the appearance of the skin.

Dermal filler before and after: the benefits.

Our pre-treatment has the function of preparing the skin and can help minimize the mild side effects that may occur after the procedure, such as redness and slight inflammation.

Post-treatment products are designed to help minimize possible side effects and are perceived as a gentle last touch.

Our dermal filler “before and after line” includes an anti-wrinkle gel, ideal for improving the appearance of the skin and to provide the patient with a daily beauty treatment.

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