Learn to be outstanding in 7 steps

We all know a huge human component is necessary to have success in the field of aesthetic medicine. Patients’ comfort is as important as the result, and empathy plays a crucial role in this. 

How can a doctor be outstanding in aesthetic medicine? 

Here’s a To-do list, which can be useful: 

  1. Expect young patients! According to Statista, 17.5% of the requests for aesthetic medicine procedures in the US comes from people between 19 and 34 years of age. 
  2. The young age of patients makes the market more and more influenced by social mediatake care of your personal brand image online! 
  3. Offer something extra: by organizing in detail your offer, you can show your patients that you are the professional who can realise their unique desires. Rose Pharma supports you, giving visibility to the product even on Instagram and Facebook
  4. Train your staff: there is no second chance to make a good first impression! Make sure that the whole staff is friendly and welcoming, starting from the voice that answers to calls. 
  5. Be transparent. Involve the patient in the procedure organization without reducing too much the waiting time, the possibility of little temporary discomforts, and the need for collaboration by the patient to achieve the desired result. 
  6. Stay updated! Updates are the lifeblood for your success. Look for the best partners to have access to the latest news on products, innovative techniques, complementary treatments.
  7. Fidelize your patient. Make patients trust you and reward who choose you. There are many possibilities to do this: from wishing them happy birthday with customized promotions to rewarding them for bringing in a friend, and others. Speaking of reward… Have you already heard about our Beauty Passport? Contact us!